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is dedicated to convey a concept for the ladies— be courageous to have your own fashion identity, not to be slaves of the trend.

We emphasise individuality, not to please the society and the fashion world.

Fashion is about me and I style it my way.

When we were little girls, we once dreamt of wearing beautiful dresses to impress others. And we are gradually conforming to fashion stereotypes. Our closet are filled with clothes that we picked for the sake of the trendsetters and starting to lose our own identity.

Regardless of age, you can always dress for your personal comfort and preference. You may create your own dressing style with no standard rules and constraints.

Forget about what others’ say. Those imperfections that people perceive on one’s height, body figure or look are non crucial. We believe beauty in everything.

You should have aware that we have a masked model to display our clothes. As No Rule does not advocate identical figure and look, we want you to be your own man. Show your own personality through your dress sense.

The beauty of fashion has no any rules to follow. As such, what is your fashion statement?

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